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Are You a Possibility Thinker?

If you know any children 10 years old or younger, there’s a good chance they will never get a driver’s licence. Why? Because in 10 years from now, we will probably all have driverless cars. It will probably be illegal to drive on regular roads, and car driving will be as rare as horse riding is today.

When I talk to people about this idea, I get two contrasting reactions: some see the problems, and others see the possibilities.

In fact, when I show kids – especially young kids – a picture of Google’s driverless car, their first reaction is “Cute!” or “Cool!”:

On the other hand, when I talk to some adults about it, their first reaction is “Scary!”

Are you a possibility thinker?
Of course, neither of these reactions – “Scary!” or “Cool!” – tells the full story. And your reaction might be somewhere in the middle. But think carefully about where you fit on the Cool-Scary spectrum:

If your initial reaction is more at the Scary end (in other words, you immediately think of problems, difficulties, challenges, risks, or threats), I reckon you will struggle more when driverless cars hit our roads. Not to mention 3-D printing body parts, the dismantling of the education system, embedding chips in new-born babies, the end of offices, and Australia becoming an Asian country.

On the other hand, if you start by thinking “Cool!” – or even “Hmmm … Interesting!” – then you’re a possibility thinker, and you’ll be better able to adapt, embrace and even lead these changes.

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